Spy Sam Boom Episode 2

Spy Charlie : My friend is Stuck inside one of those rooms

Cross Morris: Oh Brother

Spy Charlie : I've Got to find it

Coconuts: Hey Boom- Boom Remember What I said about Droppin' Rock

You Can--

Coconuts: Forget it


Cross Morris : Give Me My Suff Spy Sam

Spy Sam: I don't have your Stuff Cross Morris

Cross Morris: I'm not sure what to against or never you punk

Alex Kidd: Let Calm down at Cross Morris People

Spy Sam: Calm down Cross Morris

Santina Allen: Calm down Cross Morris

Rouger Molly:  Calm down Cross Morris

Flying Frog: Hee Hee Hee Calm down Cross Morris

Shadow: Calm Down Cross Morris

AiAi : Calm Down Cross Morris OOK OOK

Raoul CaRoule: Calm Down Cross Morris

Guido : Calm Down Cross Morris

Diddy Kong: Calm down Cross Morris

Toad : Calm down Cross Morris

Sean Tolliver: Calm down Cross Morris

Daniel Johnson: Calm down Cross Morris

Amigo : Calm down Cross Morris

Uncle Grandpa: Calm down Cross Morris

Pizza Steve : Calm down Cross Morris

Mr Gus: Calm down Cross Morris

Tyler McConnell : Calm down Cross Morris

Lightning McQueen: Calm down Cross Morris

Wario : Calm down Cross Morris

Tach:  Calm Down Cross Morris

Rocket Raccoon: Calm Down Cross Morris

The Crippler: Calm down Cross Morris

Alvin Seville: Calm down Cross Morris

Simon Seville: Calm Down Cross Morris

Theodore Seville: Calm down Cross Morris

Vanoss: Calm down Cross Morris

H2O Delirious: Calm down Cross Morris

Iggy Koopa: Calm down Cross Morris

Lemmy Koopa: Calm down Cross Morris

Booster: Calm down Cross Morris

XR: Calm down Cross Morris

Kitana: Calm down Cross Morris

Knuckles: Calm down Cross Morris

Coconuts: Calm down Cross Morris

Baby : Calm down Cross Morris OOK OOK

GonGon : Calm down Cross Morris OOK OOK

Mee Mee : Calm down Cross Morris OOK OOK

Gonzo : Calm down Cross Morris

Moo Snuckel : Calm down Cross Morris

Alex Kidd: Calm Down Cross Morris

Francesco Bernoulli:  Calm down Cross Morris

Doctor Eggman: Calm Down Cross Morris

Cross Morris: I can't calm down I am mad at spy Sam now Quiet

Alex Kidd: Ok Didn't Work

Doctor Eggman: Stop I can't take this for an hour

Cross Morris: Stop it Eggman

Doctor Eggman: i hate that Hedgehog

Rouger Molly : Congratulations you have Defeated Spy Sam

Spy Sam: I don't want to come here for First Place

Cross Morris: I didn't know All Video Games Characters And Cartoon Characters come And about being called him Frankyboy

Alex Kidd: I could have done by Cross Morris

Spy Sam: I don't know how many months before Too Late

Cross Morris : I can give me for his character

Spy Sam : I don't know how come by his family

Cross Morris: Doc Hudson is now be careful about me

Bert : I didn't know anything From Cross Morris

Iggy Koopa: Cross Morris That was CRAZY Bahaha

Cross Morris: Well done

Shadow: Ten years no visits nothing you abandoned me

Cross Morris: i did not abandoned you--

Shadow: Son of a Bitch It was your fault

Cross Morris: Ok You want varmints and what they come for

Shadow: and Then we blast them

Cross Morris: Then we blast them

Shadow: That's What I'm talking about

Cross Morris: Here My money Now Play

Spy Sam: Hit me

Cross Morris: No No No Hit me Fragnabbit

Cross Morris: Rag Flagging Ragtag Sidekicks

AiAi: But Innocent people could be hurt

Cross Morris:  We're Having Duck Tonight Boy (Evil Laugh)

Cross Morris: Uh Oh

Cross Morris: (Screaming)

Cross Morris: Ooh

Cross Morris: (Yelling)

Rouger Molly: Where's Cross Morris

Cross Morris: Now Boss It Wasn't me

Cross Morris: That Spy

Cross Morris: And A Humina-Humina Dusty Tails

Cross Morris: Uh well

Rouger Molly: Thank you

(Cross Morris Shrieks)

(Glass Shattering)

(Cross Morris Screaming)

Spy Sam: Gotta Make Sure This Doesn't Fall Cross Morris's Hands Again

Cross Morris: I hate that spy

Doctor Eggman :I could finally found you AiAi

Doctor Eggman : AiAi you don't doing anything else

AiAi: I don't think of it is not going to happen again Eggman OOK OOK

Doctor Eggman: If you say so AiAi

Kung Jin: Kung Lao is one of my family

Rouger Molly: Yes that better

H2O Delirious: I didn't make sure it was my friend

Amy Rose: Now that we have second how do you know Blaze

Shadow: we met on a mission she helped me complete it and return home

Amy Rose: she helped you and now you're fighting Her

Shadow: Yes

Amy Rose: And You heard her say her world will fall apart with out the sol Emerald Right

Shadow: Yes

Amy Rose: I thought you were one of the good guy you want to save Möbius why wouldn't you save all worlds

Shadow: I will do what i must now let me get our ride

Amy Rose: You do what right I know it

Tails: Sonic! Doctor Eggman says he's going to conquer everyone's world after he wins the race!

Doctor Eggman : And I will, too! My tansforming racer can handle any terrain

Sonic: Uh-huh. Does that thing run on denial?

Doctor Eggman: I hate that rudie! And that fox! And that monkey! And that Sky-Pirate! And that Pro-Racer! AND MOST OF ALL...THAT HEDGEHOG!

Doctor Eggman: Sorry Sonic! You're too slow!

Sonic: Oh, no he didn't...

Sonic: You Were Saying

Cross Morris: What the hell

Doctor Eggman: EGAD

Cross Morris: You Egghead

Doctor Eggman : You Wouldn't


Cross Morris: Oh my God

Doctor Eggman : Ahhh

Cross Morris : You let me worry about Dangerous Gang! Right now, you're my gang, you follow my plans. And believe me, I've got plans for both this world and Spy Sam's!

Cross Morris: Congratulations you have doomed your world

Shadow : Don't escape without us! We helped you all this time!

AiAi : Don't leave us, ol' buddy, ol' pal!

Cross Morris : I dunno... I could escape, get sweet revenge and bring worlds to their knees... or I could risk it all just to save you two whiny, annoying worms. I think I'll leave you all choking on my dust. Yeah, I like that one. Later, losers!

Iggy Koopa : Your clothes, m'lady. And I won't try to wear them this time.

Lemmy Koopa : Very good, Iggy Koopa . We don't have enough time for me to smack some sense into you.

Iggy Koopa : More's the pity.

Rouger Molly : All we can do hope he stays there

Flying Frog: I've Done Things

Cross Morris: Yeah Well No One Here is An Angel

Flying Frog: No

Cross Morris: Oh My God

Flying Frog: What The Matter Cross Morris Don't Want To Play

Flying Frog: I've Seen You Play With Spy Sam I've Heard How You Played With New York City I Want To Play Too

Cross Morris: Knock it off

To Be Continued

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